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Local Patent Rules for Courts that have them, ITC, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Circuit, Google Patents, USPTO, EPO, JPTO, KIPS, MPEP, OTHERS

New NDCAL Patent Jury Instructions,

Federal Courts with Local Patent Rules

All Federal District Courts have local civil rules that apply in all civil cases including patent cases.

Some courts have made small modifications to individual local rules for patent cases.

The list below is where a court has either adopted a separate set of local patent rules to supplement its local rules, or integrated detailed rules for patent cases into its local rules.

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals’ Local Rules and Internal Operating Procedures are at the end of this list.

CAL – ND – Local Patent Rules

CAL – SD Local Rules including Local Patent Rules

GA- ND Local Rules including local patent rules

Ill – ND Local Patent Rules

MASS, Local Rules including Patent Rules

MINN,  Local Rules with integrated provisions on patent cases

NC – ED, Local Patent Rules

NJ, Local Rules including Patent Rules

PA – WD Local Rules, including Local Patent Rules

TX – ED, Local Rules and Patent Rules

TX – SD Local Patent Rules

WA – WD Local Rules and Patent Supplement Western District of Washington

Federal Circuit Rules and Forms and Internal Operating Procedures

Federal Rules

Link to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Evidence and Appellate Procedure on US Courts home page:

Link to all local rules of all Federal Courts through USCOURTS.GOV

United States International Trade Commission, gateway for IP cases, “337” cases, including FAQs, and other information

USPTO website for patents, includes explanations of patent system, search engines, and other information.

Google Patents, free patent search database for US patents

Free US patents, Japanese Patents and European Patents on line

European Patent Office on line

Japanese Patent Office on Line

Korean Intellectual Property Services

MPEP on line at USPTO

Searchable pdfs of MPEP

Other sites of use to you:

2010 Handbook on Compensatory Patent Damages

National Patent Jury Instructions

Michael Smith’s Blog on EDTEX cases

Dennis Crouch’s Patently-O

All Rule Changes Effective December 1, 2010